In her novel A Season In The Life of Emmanuel Québecoise writer Marie-Claire Blais uses a rural family to show the transformation her country was going through

Marie-Claire Blais. Unknown Photographer.

French writer Nathalie Sarraute, whose work is cited below. Photo by MICHELE BANCILHON — AFP.

Perec’s now classic novel brilliantly shows the basic structure of late stage capitalist society remains unchanged today

Photo: Jean-Claude Deutsch/Paris Match

Gide’s first published piece of fiction asks deep queries about life

Published almost 40 years ago, Duras’ novel might strike the modern reader as too blunt, even if it simultaneously also resembles the dreamiest poetry.

A Camusian morning conversation

Nowhere is Camus’ philosophy of the absurd more evident than in his last full novel, but a tinge of hope might be hidden in its pages.

The Scream (1893) by Edvard Munch.

A posthumous release, Esquisse pour une auto-analyse finds the prolific French intellectual summarizing his career for those who want to understand how Bourdieu became Bourdieu

Nicolas Mathieu’s second novel And Their Children After Them (Fr: Leurs enfants après eux) earned him the Prix Goncourt in 2018. It unforgivingly explores the bleakness of a lower middle-class existence in contemporary France.

Didier Eribon’s memoir-essay challenges current political discourses that undermine the class struggle.

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